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Removal of Problematic Teeth

Dental extractions are a precise and important dental operation that entails the extraction of troublesome teeth. This encompasses teeth that have been extensively impacted by dental caries, trauma, infection, or those that elicit substantial pain. The objective of extractions is to address and mitigate oral health concerns, therefore ensuring the preservation and well-being of the whole oral cavity.

Different Types of Extractions

Dental extractions may be classified into two primary categories: simple extractions and surgical extractions. Extractions of teeth that are visible and easily accessible are often performed as routine dental procedures. Generally, these procedures are distinguished by their straightforwardness and little discomfort, since the use of local anaesthesia efficiently alleviates any possible pain perception. In contrast, surgical extractions are distinguished by their heightened degree of intricacy and are sometimes considered necessary in instances involving impacted or shattered teeth. Our dentist will pick the best type for you depending on the specifics of your situation.
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Pre-Extraction Evaluation

Before commencing an extraction operation, our dental practitioner does a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health status. The evaluation encompasses a thorough clinical assessment and the use of X-ray imaging to assess the condition of the tooth and formulate a meticulously planned approach for a safe and efficient extraction.

Pain Management

The prioritisation of your comfort during extractions is of paramount significance. The injection of local anaesthesia is a prevalent medical technique used to induce localised numbness in specific areas during various medical operations. Preventing distress for the patient throughout the procedure is ensured by this. anaesthesia alternatives, including intravenous anaesthesia and oral sedatives, are occasionally available to mitigate pain and anxiety, thereby improving the overall tolerability of the procedure.
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Post-Extraction Care

The provision of adequate post-operative care is crucial in promoting a seamless and pleasant recuperation phase. The dentist will provide comprehensive guidance about the management of post-operative concerns, including as discomfort and swelling, subsequent to the extraction procedure. To encourage a quick and pleasurable recovery, adherence to these recommendations is crucial.

Replacement Options

Various alternatives for tooth replacement will be deliberated upon by the dentist, contingent upon the particular tooth that was extracted. For the purpose of tooth replacement, numerous treatment modalities are available, including dental implants, bridges, and dentures. The selection of a therapeutic approach is dependent on personal preferences and unique circumstances. This methodology ensures the full restoration of the oral cavity’s aesthetic and functional components following a dental extraction.
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Emergency Extractions

During critical dental situations, such as those involving severe infections or excruciating pain, extractions may be required to prevent further complications and provide immediate relief. Dentists are adequately equipped to manage such circumstances, providing timely and expert care in order to prioritise your oral health and mitigate your distress.